Best Whatsapp Status saver App

Best Whatsapp Status saver App

Are you looking for an app that helps you to save WhatsApp status of your friend?

So there is my friend who put up a quite, funny video of him on whatsapp story but,when I asked him to send me that up he actually refused it and then there’s something I did which you can see in this video.


Literally save anything whether it’s a, video gif or a picture doesn’t matter, now first of all you need to download Watools Whatsapp Status saver app link given

Once it’s installed open it up now, stories that you have already seen will show up here in case if you don’t see it be sure to watch your friends story at least once before downloading and then it will definitely show up here even directly share of your fan story to whoever you want on whatsapp or on another platform if you wish to save it directly to your phone then just head over to the recent story then select the picture or video which you wish to save then tap on the little download icon at the top and it will get saved

Now you, can find them anytime and your save,stories just in case if you are wondering where the file gets saved then, just open the file manager and go to, movies then into Story videos and here, you will find all the save videos as well as clips.

Now go to pictures then story pictures and here you will find all the saved, picture maybe as per WhatsApp the story, remains temporary just for 24 hours and, so does for our friends but for you it has now become a memory which has been saved forever so what are you waiting for go make and save some memories now.

This is what I did with my friend I saved the video and then sent him back but in a whatsapp group Henry actions, were just pure gold she was damn shocked and yes you do not forget to share this,video with your friends go and tell them about it share this video on whatsapp if you’re interested in more such videos you can comment us below, plenty of those and also I have many ,more videos to share some of them are even better than this one.

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