[Resolved] How to fix Quickbooks error 3371? | Call @ 1-800-934-1090

[Resolved] How to fix Quickbooks error 3371? | Call @ 1-800-934-1090

What is Quickbooks?

QuickBooks is a business management software that holds all kinds of information related to a small scale business. It allows us to manage our business in an efficient way. It saves a lot of time as well as human effort and has hence become extremely popular in recent times.

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 QuickBooks support phone number USA +1-800-934-1090

What is Quickbooks error 3371?

This is a very common error of QuickBooks. Many times, while we are working on QuickBooks, a message is displayed on our computer screen reading “QuickBooks error 3371: Could not initialize license properties”. As soon as this error is encountered, we are no longer able to work properly on our QuickBooks account and manage our company file. So it is important that we try to resolve the error as soon as possible.Quickbooks error 3371


What are the causes of Quickbooks error 3371?

The error of 3371 can occur due to a number of causes. The various causes of error 3371 are as follows:

  • A file or a particular component required by QuickBooks to function properly is missing or has become damaged or corrupt. This file can be:
  • A QBregistration.dat file: A QBregistration.dat file is a kind of file that stores all documents related to the license of QuickBooks. Each time we try to work on QuickBooks, the software needs to retrieve its license files before it starts to operate. So, if this file goes missing, our software will no longer be able to function properly.
  • An MSXML component: This component is a part of Microsoft which enables QuickBooks to run properly on Microsoft Windows. Any damage to this component will also prevent QuickBooks from working on our device.
  • This error may also occur if we are using an old and outdated version of Windows operating system on our device. That version of Windows may not be compatible with our QuickBooks software thereby causing this error to occur.

Simple Steps to resolve Quickbooks error 3371:- 

How to troubleshoot error 3371?

There are various methods by which we can troubleshoot error 3371. They are as follows:

METHOD 1: The first method that we have in hand is to install an updated and recent version of Windows on our device. The steps are as follows:

  • Click on the Start button present at the bottom of your desktop screen on the Taskbar.
  • Click on All Programs.
  • Click on Windows Updates.
  • Wait for Windows to download all the available updates and then restart your machine. After that, reinstall QuickBooks once again.

Hopefully, your problem will be solved.

METHOD 2: The second method is to check whether any important file or folder has become damaged or corrupted. If so, then we will have to recreate those files and folders so that our software starts to function properly once again.

METHOD 3: The third method is to check whether your QuickBooks license has become expired or not. If it has become expired once again, then you will have to renew the license to make sure that your software works properly.

If neither of the above-mentioned steps yields a successful result, then the only option left in your hands is to contact QuickBooks technical support for help. You can easily contact them using the customer care number which is available on the official website of QuickBooks.

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