[Fixed] How to resolve Quickbooks error 6000 77? | Call @ 1-800-934-1090

[Fixed] How to resolve Quickbooks error 6000 77? | Call @ 1-800-934-1090

How does Quickbooks error 6000 77 occurs? 

Quickbooks is the popular accounting software used by Businesses to manage their accounts departments and various sections. Some times the quickbooks stops working and gives you following error: Quickbooks error 6000 77. There are few issues due to which the error might have occurred. Some of the possible causes are as follows:

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 QuickBooks support phone number USA +1-800-934-1090
  • Folder that stores company file have improper folder permission.
  • The company file which was supposed to be located on the network or local drive, is located on an external storage device.
  • There is communication issue when quickbooks running in multi-user mode.
  • The company file in quickbooks software was opened by referencing a drive that was mapped.

Quickbooks error 6000 77

Simple steps to resolve Quickbooks error 6000 77

The repercussion are that the quickbooks files get damaged and get corrupt, due to which the Quickbooks error 6000 77 occurred. In most of the cases the error get resolved after the device is restarted. In case the issue doesn’t get resolved, follow below steps:

Re-launching Quickbooks desktop

 Re-launching quickbooks with permissions may the resolve the issue. Select Run as Administrator, post right clicking on the quickbooks desktop icon. Copy the company file name locally , in case the company file is saved on an external drive.

Rename .ND and .TLG files.

 The configuration files that allows quickbooks desktop to access the company files in a network or in multi-user mode are known as .ND and .TLG files. The Quickbooks error 6000 77 while opening the quickbooks desktop can be caused due to corrupted and damaged .ND and .TLG files. The issue can be resolved after renaming the file. The data is automatically recreated when you open the company file or scan the company file using quickbooks database server manager, so renaming will not mean that you will lose it. Follow below steps to change the name:

  • Click on the folder that contains your company file and open it.
  • Select the files but with extensions .ND and .TLG.
  • Right click the file and select rename. Add the word “.OLD” after the file extension and press enter.

Re-create damaged folder

  • Create a new folder on your C:\ folder.
  • Open the folder where company file is saved.
  • Locate .QBW file.
  • Right click on the file and copy it.
  • Open the new folder on C drive and paste the file.
  • Set windows access permission to share the file.
  • Open the file from the new location.

Copy the quickbooks file on desktop

To test if there is a problem with the location of the company file, copy the file on the desktop and open it. If the file opens with the new location, that meas there was a problem with the previous location. Either it is damaged or it is “too deep”, that it exceeded the file system path limitations. If the file doesn’t open with the new location , it is possible that the file is damaged.

  • Select the folder that contains your company file.
  • Click on the file with extension of .QBW.
  • Copy the file by right clicking on the file.
  • Go to desktop , right click on the desktop and paste the file .
  • Open the quickbooks while holding the control key, so you are redirected to the No company open window.
  • Click restore or open an existing company.
  • Navigate to the desktop and find the company file you copied and open.

Close all quickbooks processes

  • Log in as the administrator on the server device.
  • Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to bring up the task manager.
  • By selecting the Users tab, show processes for all users.
  • Highlight each quickbooks process, then click on end task.
  • Open the company file in multi-user mode.

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  1. Whenever I am trying to process payroll file in QuickBooks 2018 software. It appears an error:
    “QuickBooks Error code -6000, -77” I have used QuickBooks File Doctor tool But again it shows an error:
    “QuickBooks File Doctor Unable to Repair” I don’t know why I’m getting these errors.
    Please help me out to fix these errors.

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