[Fixed] How to resolve Quickbooks error H101? | Call @ 1-800-934-1090

[Fixed] How to resolve Quickbooks error H101? | Call @ 1-800-934-1090

What happens when Quickbooks error H101 occurs?

An Quickbooks error H101 occurs when a problem is encountered while we are working on our computer. QuickBooks software is also prone to such errors. One such error is Quickbooks error H101. This error is mostly encountered when we are using our host computer in multi-user mode. As soon as this error is encountered, our device stops to function properly. So we need to find the actual cause of this error and fix it as soon as possible before we can start to work properly on our device.

 Country  Toll-Free Number
 QuickBooks support phone number USA +1-800-934-1090

What are the causes of Quickbooks error H101 ?

Quickbooks error H101 can occur due to any one of the following causes:

  • Hosting computer settings on our device is not proper. It is important that only our server should have its hosting turned on. However, it is possible that some other computer has their hosting turned on which is causing this problem.
  • QuickBooks firewall setting is not proper which is blocking access to the company files.
  • QuickBooks is not being able to fetch the IP address of the host computer which is causing this error.
  • The DNS settings of our machine are incorrect.


Simple steps to resolve Quickbooks error H101

How to troubleshoot error H101 ?

The various ways to Quickbooks error H101 are as follows:

METHOD 1: The first method that we have in hand is to run the QuickBooks File Doctor on its device. This software is used to remove all the commonly encountered errors in QuickBooks.

How to install QuickBooks file doctor on your device?

  • Download the QuickBooks file doctor from the internet.
  • Save the exe file on your desktop screen or any other place that is easily accessible to you.
  • Double-click on that file to the start the installation process.
  • In order to install QuickBooks file doctor on your system, you need to have the.Net Framework already installed on your device. But if it is not already installed, QuickBooks will install it automatically on your device.
  • Wait till the installation process is complete and then you can run it on your device to remove the errors.

How to use QuickBooks file doctor to remove errors? 

Open QuickBooks file doctor tool and click on the Diagnose button. Enter your login credentials. QuickBooks file doctor will then scan your device in search of an error. It will detect all the errors and then fix them automatically.

METHOD 2: The second method is to create a new folder for your company files. The steps to do so are as follows:

  • Go to the hosting computer and create a new folder.
  • Share your newly created folder.
  • Copy your .qbw file to the folder which you have just created.
  • Open your computer in multi-user mode.

METHOD 3: The third method is to change the firewall settings of your computer. Improper firewall settings are also a reason for this error.

However, if neither of the above-mentioned methods proves to be successful, then we will have to contact QuickBooks Technical Support and explain your problem to them. They will help you to get rid of your error.

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