[Resolved] How to fix when Quickbooks file doctor crashes ?

[Resolved] How to fix when Quickbooks file doctor crashes ?

Quickbooks helps file doctor application to repair minor glitches and errors. Quickbooks file doctor is a software application that takes care of all file and data repair. It diagnoses and repairs all network issues of your devices. You may be prompted to run the internal (built in) version of file doctor for Quickbooks 2016 and later.

 Country  Toll-Free Number
 QuickBooks support phone number USA +1-800-934-1090

The Quickbooks file doctor is not compatible with Quickbooks for mac. The Quickbooks file doctor only works in Quickbooks desktop for windows.

How to Launch Quickbooks file doctor manually?

Quickbooks file doctor crashes

In case, the Quickbooks file doctor doesn’t launch automatically, please follow below steps.

  • Launch Quickbooks.
  • Wait until the system displays the “No Company Open” screen.
  • Select File > Utilities > Repair file and Network Problems.
  • A dialog box will appear on the system.
  • Select OK.
  • Run Quickbooks file doctor as system administrator
  • Click YES on the dialog box
  • Select the icon to open the Quickbooks file doctor application
  • Click Continue
  • Fill in the credential to log into your file.
  • Quickbooks file doctor will work on the device to repair the errors
  • Select “File Diagnosis only” from the advanced settings option.
  • Select Next.
  • Check for issues or repairs after the system prompts.

Sometimes the Quickbooks file doctor crashes or hangs in between the repair procedure. It might be due to the corrupted or damaged QBW file.

How to restore the backup of the damaged file ?

You will be able to replace your damaged file with the one that you saved as a backup when your Quickbooks file doctor crashes.

  • Launch Quickbooks
  • Go to files > open or restore company
  • Select open or restore a backup copy
  • Click on Next
  • Select local backup
  • Click on Next
  • Browse the location of the backup file from the Look in drop down menu box
  • Click on the backup file with the .QBB extension
  • Click Open
  • Select Next
  • Browse to the location in which you want to restore the file from the Save IN drop down menu box
  • Type the name of the file in the file name field.
  • The save as type field is automatically populated with the Quickbooks files (.QBW) entry
  • Select Save.

Simple steps to resolve when Quickbooks file doctor crashes 

In case the issue that is Quickbooks file doctor crashes still persists, Follow the steps below.

Use Auto Data Recovery option to recover the Data

Quickbooks Auto Data Recovery (ADR) starts examining the files within a couple of hours after the file is created. The ADR saves a copy of the file as a backup in the ADR folder after determining that the file is without the error. ADR takes a backup of your files every 12 hours and saves the file as long as your Quickbooks application is open. The older version of the backup is saved as old. Only one old copy of your file is maintained, thus giving you two back up files. These backup files are typically meant to help you restore your data.

In case the issue still persists reach out to the customer care. Follow below steps to contact the technical support team of Intuit:

  • Select the get the phone number option from the Intuit home page to get in touch with them over phone.
  • Open your browser and type quickbooks help Intuit. Select your version and product. On the contact us page select “solving issues and error messages” topic and type in your issue.

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